About us

Cambridge Group is a leadership development firm that delivers consistently superior strategic executive coaching as well as other business development services to clients globally. We bring together insight-driven coaching and the power of strategic reinvention to help clients achieve breakthrough organizational performance.

The result is Cambridge Group - a firm that is unique in its ability to rapidly develop leaders and advance the strategic business agenda and performance of companies.

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What We Do

Coaching You And Your Company To Greatness

Originating in competitive sport, coaching has been a focus of management specialists in the West for the past decade. Today, coaching is recognized as one of the most effective management approaches for increasing productivity in the business arena.

A coach is like a mirror; yet while a mirror may reflect reality, it does not help us change what it reflects. The coach, on the other hand, facilitates new insights that can create a new reality – a new reflection.

Our mastery in helping clients develop powerful new insights, then supporting them though a series of guided, strategic procedures that are connected to a strong vision and strategic stretch goals, brings out their fullest potential. It helps them to discover new possibilities, and ultimately to achieve their highest business, career, and personal ambitions. We specialize in embedding internal coaching capacity within organisations to develop leaders, retain talent, improve performance, and change culture. We have worked with more than 5,000 executives worldwide to help them deliver extraordinary results for their organizations.

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Who We Are

Cambridge Group is a global executive coaching and leadership consulting organization.

  • Our vision is people fulfilling their potential.
  • Our mission is to transform the human capacity to bring about change.
  • Our core expertise is helping people imagine and achieve what they are truly capable of.

Consultant Bios:

Carl Kaestner, Co-Founder and Partner

Carl Kaestner is an executive coach with twenty years experience developing senior executives of multinational companies and government. He acts as a thinking partner for leaders who seek a powerful catalyst to accelerate business growth by developing a core of leaders who can out-think and out-perform their competitors. His experience reaches across industries and world cultures, and uniquely positions him to offer new perspectives to today's most complex and challenging business issues.

Harnessing the tools of strategic reinvention and executive coaching, Carl seeks out the high leverage areas for organization and personal growth that will help clients realize new possibilities in their business. These are rapidly translated into breakthrough initiatives that lead to accelerated, high-performance results.

Carl brings a personal and very passionate commitment to the success of each one of his clients. He is down-to-earth and easy to talk to, with a sense of humor that immediately puts people at ease. Clients often say that his key strength is saying the one thing that generates a spark of insight.

Prior to founding Cambridge Group, Carl was a senior consultant in the leading executive coaching firm, Masterful Coaching and collaborated with best selling business author Robert Hargrove to develop a world-class methodology for developing leaders and achieving breakthrough results. In addition, he was a central member of the research and editorial team for Masterful Coaching (Wiley, 1995, 2003, 2008); Masterful Coaching Fieldbook (Jossey-Bass, 1999); and Mastering the Art of Creative Collaboration (BusinessWeek Books 1998).

Carl Kaestner holds a B.Sc. Degree in Industrial and Organization Psychology from Syracuse University, and a M.B.A from Boston University.

Michael A. (Mike) DeGiorgi, Associate

Mike is a much sought after executive coach, instructor, and consultant who brings a blend of experience, humor and intensity to anything he facilitates. As an Associate with Cambridge Group, Mike draws on over 20 years experience coaching senior leaders in companies like Ernst & Young, Microsoft, US Postal Service, USA Today and Marriott. Mike co-created the Cambridge Group Executive Coaching Qualification Program, which is highly praised for its focus on application of theory, methods and skills to "real life" issues.

Mike led Ernst & Young's management training business group for E&Y clients. He has a BS degree in Social Work from George Mason University and an MA in Human Resource Development from Marymount College of Virginia. A former instructor on the Marymount Business Department faculty, he taught "Organization Behavior". His humorous articles about workplace dynamics have appeared in "Working Smart", a leading management education newsletter, as well as the "Sales and Marketing Training Journal."

Alice Nichols, Associate

Alice Nichols specializes in executive-level coaching with professional service organizations, helping them to achieve high-performance outcomes by aligning and integrating such initiatives as strategic planning, globalization strategies, quality and risk management –both internationally and domestically in the U.S., alliance building between firms/organizations/ institutions, measurement system design, financial planning, process redesign and organizational change. She has expertise in change management and executive team- building interventions which frequently evolve to include long term executive facilitation and one-on-one coaching. She has extensive experience in service industries, law firms, accounting firms, high-tech, telecommunications and transportation industries; in manufacturing, and healthcare organizations; and in federal government agencies. Alice co-created the Cambridge Group Executive Coaching Qualification Program, which is highly praised for its focus on application of theory, methods and skills to "real life" issues.

Alice spent twelve years at Organizational Dynamics Inc., (ODI) where as a Senior Vice President, she was a member of ODI's Executive Committee. She was also responsible for the Global Consulting and Training Services at ODI, the business unit that developed and delivered coaching and consulting training to client participants.

Alice has a B.A. from the University of Colorado and Masters Degree in consulting and counseling psychology from Harvard University.

David Korkosz, Co-Founder (Retired)

David Korkosz is no longer actively consulting for Cambridge Group. Please contact our main office at (877) 396-8080 for further inquiries.