Our work takes place in the crucible of your ongoing business and is conducted around producing high leverage, strategic results. All coaching programs are designed to produce substantive and last changes in both the individual executives and their organizations.

Our clients consistently report concrete financial and strategic accomplishments in their business. Some sample results:

Client Result
Motorola (China) $25m savings through process improvement; promotion of GM
Philips Working with business unit leaders, expanded markets and increased production efficiencies.
Unilever (Asia/Pacific) 8% increase in market share; 30 high-potential managers developed for senior leadership positions
IKEA (China)* 5 year revenue growth and profit goals achieved in 18 months; 100 high-potential leaders developed for senior leadership
Cemex (USA)* Aligned post-merger leadership team; realized $61m operational efficiencies and process improvement
Singapore Refining Execution of S$50m refinery improvements on time, on budget
ConocoPhillips* New growth strategy resulting in €100m revenue increase
Petronas 300 senior leaders developed; implementation of high-performance management system

In addition, our clients report expanded abilities in other important areas:

  • Improved strategic planning, negotiation and problem-solving
  • Effective leadership of re-engineering, restructuring or downsizing issues
  • Initiating, leading and supporting organizational change
  • Increase the time-to-performance for new hire/transitional Executive appointments; “on-boarding”
  • Improved strategic repositioning of the business in the marketplace
  • Developing collaborative working relationships at leadership team and board level with strong understanding of enterprise wide dependencies
  • Aligning Executive strategies, values and expectations with the those of the organization
Executive Skill Development
  • Building self awareness of existing leadership competencies, clarifying specific areas for learning versatile behavior vital to Executive success.
  • Identify values, goals and choices for career satisfaction and enable commitment to advancing corporate goals
  • Identification and elimination of limiting beliefs
  • Focused goal setting and action planning to improve effectiveness and prioritize time efficiently
  • Effective delegation and development of leadership pipeline
Executive Competencies
  • Insight into self and the business - building performance faster
  • Developing speedy decision making on strategic and talent issues based on strong business acumen and emotional intelligence
  • Recognition of where previous strengths have become a liability
  • Deal with conflict effectively
  • Modify interpersonal style, such as transition from competitive to collaborative stance
  • Develop advanced communication skills - understand, predict and alter patterns of communication.
  • Identification and elimination of self limiting beliefs breaking through the barriers inhibiting high performance
  • Establishing personal career goals and direction clarity of purpose and objectives

* Client engagement in collaboration with Masterful Coaching, Inc.