Executive Advisory and Coaching

Today's leaders and their organizations face a significant challenge. They need to transform their capacity to deliver extraordinary results in a business environment buffeted by accelerating change and increasing complexity. In other words, in order to be more effective, leaders need to be more agile.

Cambridge Group acts as a catalyst for executives and organizations to develop leadership agility and accomplish breakthroughs in performance. We help our clients integrate real-time learning with effective action in order to accomplish their most important objectives and build strategic speed.

We have worked with some of the world's most respected companies to design an approach that energizes and compliments their business and talent strategies.

Executive Coaching

  • CEO/Leadership Team Executives: We take on the role of thinking partner to support the leader to articulate an innovative, inspiring vision and lead their team to transform the vision into reality. In the harried world of the senior executive, our coaches provide a strategic pause to find clarity, insight and a pathway to authentic leadership.
  • Sr. Leaders and Managers: We take on the role of catalyst for high-performance by supporting the leader to identify breakthrough opportunities in strategy implementation and personal leadership. The focus of the engagement is on building strategic speed: helping the leader and their organization accelerate the effective implementation of critical initiatives by identifying new possibilities for action and removing obstacles to success.

Team Coaching

Cambridge Team Coaching has been designed to help leaders and their teams develop the capability to accelerate the implementation of strategic initiatives, harness the power of a highly effective team, and develop the next generation of senior leaders.

The program is designed around Four Breakthroughs:

  • Breakthroughs In Business
  • Breakthroughs In Leadership
  • Breakthroughs In Team Performance
  • Breakthroughs in Coaching Skills

Cambridge Team Coaching facilitates a new conversation in your team, where participants have the opportunity to build powerful relationships and deliver breakthrough business results. We coach people to move beyond the predictable outcomes of their current thinking and approaches by enabling a true leadership transformation. Participants develop new perspectives and language for leadership agility, and skills for highly successful action.

Our Team Coaching approach is ideal for leadership and project teams, and sales organizations.