Salesforce Optimization

Untapped potential is the rule rather than the exception in today’s sales forces. Many salesmen perform reasonably well, even making their numbers but fall short of what is really possible. Frequently, we find the salesmen who fail to function at the level of the very top sales “stars”. Among the activities often missing:

  • Calling up the ladder to the highest levels of the company.
  • Knowing how to cold call.
  • Taking an existing account in a large organization and leveraging it broadly across the organization.
  • Knowing how to assemble a virtual team of internal and outside resources to pursue a complex sale.

The net effect is a significant opportunity cost that is often unknown to management. Today’s sales managers frequently come up from the ranks of salesmen. They are adept at sales, and receive training in sales techniques but rarely are trained and coached in the art of being powerful managers/leaders. When techniques in management are presented – almost always in the form of training - the impact on the salesman is usually minimal since the training model does not enable the manager to internalize and “own” what is being presented. Most often, dust collects on handouts.

This frequently results in sales managers who tolerate the critical “what’s missing” in their salespeople or plain just don’t know what to do about it. What does this all mean? It translates directly into sales revenues that fall short of what’s possible with your sales force. Salesmen remain in their comfort zone and live in the world of acceptable performance. Even the stars can move from great to greater in their performance.

The Salesforce Optimization Solution

We work with all the sales managers in your organization for up to a year in an intensive action learning environment. As a result, sales managers develop mastery as sales managers and coaches and even take their own sales skills to new levels.

Outcomes of the program:

  • Sales managers becoming more powerful leaders and managers.
  • Sales managers who masterfully know how to close the gap between potential and results by drawing the best out of their salespeople.
  • Sales managers who know how to continuously raise the bar of excellence and coach people to meet these standards.
  • Salespeople who go past their comfort zone, and develop new operational skills and mastery previously thought not possible.
  • We guide you to new levels productivity and performance.
  • Money is no longer left on the table.
  • New accounts previously “belonging” to the competition are closed. And much more.