TM Optimization Accelerators

Key distinctions and conversations can accelerate the optimization process:

Develop your Talent Philosophy

Building a shared set of assumptions and expectations about talent can go a long way toward improving implementation and results of your talent processes. As part of our work, we facilitate a collaborative conversation amongst leaders, managers and your HR team to build a shared mind in five key areas: Performance – Behaviors – Differentiation – Transparency – Accountability

Build a Talent Factory

We believe that talent should be built just like any other product. For too many companies, they develop talent like artisans, carving out each individual leader. Having great talent and great leaders is too important for such an antiquated approach.

Our optimization process supports companies to have simple, but industrial strength systems for turning out the leaders they need. That means focusing on the fundamentals of production, things like:

  • Clear specifications. What types of leaders do we need?
  • Raw materials. What quality of leaders are we starting the process with?
  • Reliable production processes. What machinery will most simply turn raw material into finished product? What will keep the conveyor belt moving? How is quality evaluated?
  • Distribution. What is the plan for distributing this talent most effectively throughout the organization?

Implement an Agile Leadership framework

For companies operating in the global arena, we recommend the implementation of Agile Leadership - a leadership framework that provides the master competency and capabilities that leaders need to respond effectively to an increased level of change and complexity. Strikingly, the extensive research behind this framework indicates that only about 10% of managers have mastered the level of agility needed for consistently effective leadership in today’s turbulent world economy.

Reframe the role of HR and build a talent culture

Key to the success of a talent strategy is the shift of accountability for talent from HR to line leaders. We accelerate the development of HR leaders as business partners and consultants through our Advanced Consulting Skills program. In addition, business leaders develop the mindset of leaders who develop other leaders through our Agile Leadership and Leader as Coach action learning programs. Combined, these programs build a talent culture that is oriented towards agility and high-performance results.